Murugan Granites, as a recognized manufacturer & exporter of granite stone products throughout the world. We offer different kinds of granite available in the market with unmatched quality, durability and finish. Our granite is used for making kitchen top, lanterns, fireplace, etc. From the vast and widely spread out quarries of Murugan Granites, are unearthed a range of granites that celebrate the richness of earth. Murugan Granites , offers a colourful palette to the world. Customers can rest assured that each product has one thing in common- outstanding quality, that is the hallmark of each Murugan Product.

Granite is one of the best stones that can be used for the construction of buildings, ceilings of rooms, etc. We are one of the finest granite manufacturers and exporters from India. The granite that is manufactured by our company is gaining high popularity due to their high strength and the ability to bear the normal wear & tear due to the rough weather conditions. We offer the best quality granite that comes in different colours imperial white granite, jet black granite, classic white, wiscon white, ruby red, etc. Our granite is the best substitute for various construction materials as these are highly durable and pocket friendly in nature.

Murugan granites offers 2 varieties of Granite Rough Blocks with un beatable competitive price mainly aimed on world finance crisis.

Our own production colours are,

Imperial Gold

Imperial Gold granite features shades of gold and yellow background with white and gray veins and small flecks of darker gold.

Imperial White

Imperial White granite is a white, partly light pink gneiss of the Precambrian period. Imperial White granite is suitable for both interior and exterior use